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CAM350 is a powerful solution easing the transition of engineering data into physical PCBs. CAM350 delivers unprecedented usability and performance. It eases the inspection, preparation, and manufacturing of PCB designs, increases speed and accuracy of all processes, and ensures optimal fabrication flow.

DownStream Products 2013 Suite (BluePrint-PCB+CAM350+DFMStream) $50
CAM350 $39
CAM350 $34
CAM350 $29
CAM350 9.1.2 $24


Edgecam solutions combine the power of sophisticated toolpath generation with seamless CAD integration. Used globally within a multitude of industries, Edgecam consistently produces the best tool paths to ultimately improve productivity.

Edgecam 2015 R2 SU1 $55
Edgecam 2014 R2 $55
Edgecam 2014 R1 $55
Edgecam 2013 R2 SU1 $50
Edgecam 2013 R1 $50
Edgecam 2012 R1 $45
Edgecam 2011 R2 SP2 $45
Edgecam 2011 R1 $45
Edgecam 2009 R1 $45
Edgecam 12.5 $45
Edgecam 12 $45


GibbsCAM is a state-of-the-art, PC-based computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system for programming computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools. GibbsCAM is organized as a single application.

GibbsCAM 2016 x64 $55
GibbsCAM 2015 x64 $50
GibbsCAM 2015 x64 $50
GibbsCAM 2014 (x32/x64) $50
GibbsCAM 2013 10.5.26 (x32/x64) $50
GibbsCAM 2012+ (x32/x64) $50
GibbsCAM 2010 9.5.1 (x86/x64) $45


InventorCAM is the complete, ‘best-in-class’ Manufacturing Suite for efficient and profitable CNC-Programming inside Autodesk Inventor. InventorCAM's CAM software, for all CNC applications, inluding the revolutionary iMachining, is seamlessly integrated in Autodesk Inventor and with full toolpath associativity to the Inventor model.

InventorCAM 2015 SP2 HF3 for Autodesk Inventor 2012-2016 $55
InventorCAM 2014 SP4 for Autodesk Inventor 2012-2015 $55
InventorCAM 2014 for Autodesk Inventor 2010-2014 $55


Mastercam - software for milling, turning, EDM and wood on the machines with numerical control. Company CNC Software Inc., More than 25 years creating and improving the system and is one of the world leaders in CAD / CAM industry The original version was a 2D CAM, and so no less for that period of Mastercam was one of the first packet CAM, which included the ability of CAD, allowing users to quickly and easily design the necessary engineering products.

Mastercam X9 Update 2 x64 $68
Mastercam X9 x64 $68
Mastercam X8 HotFix 4 x64 $60
Mastercam X8 x64 $60
Mastercam X7 $60
Mastercam X6 $45
Mastercam X5 with MU1 $45
Mastercam X4 $45
Mastercam X 10.0 $45
Mastercam Art 9.0 $45
Mastercam 9.1 with SP2 $45


RhinoCAM is a Rhinoceros plug-in that runs completely inside of Rhino 4.0. Combining the free-form modeling power of Rhino and the legendary machining capabilities of VisualMILL, this plug-in offers an easy to use yet powerful general purpose machining program for the general machinist. RhinoCAM includes 2-1/2, 3, 4 & 5 axis milling and hole making operations. It comes with hundreds of free post-processors as well as a post-processor generator to create user definable post-processors.

RhinoCAM 2016 Build 6.0.215 x64 $50
RhinoCAM x32 $45
RhinoCAM Pro $45


VoluMill NEXION is a standalone product that allows you to leverage the power of VoluMill regardless of your CAM system. Generating ultra high-performance toolpaths with VoluMill NEXION is fast and simple.

VoluMill NEXION x64 $45
VoluMill NEXION x32+x64 $35
VoluMill NEXION x32+x64 $35
VoluMill NEXION x32+x64 $34
VoluMill NEXION 5.0 build 1629 x32+x64 $34
VoluMill Universal 4.1 build 1347 x32 $34
VoluMill 4.1 build 1389 for Mastercam X3-X5 x32 $34


Vero Alphacam software package is one of the best CAD/CAM making in the development of control programs for CNC machine tools. It caters to the needs of enterprises in the processing of plastic, wood, stone, glass and metal.

Vero AlphaCAM 2016 R1 $62
Vero AlphaCAM 2015 R1 $60
Vero AlphaCAM 2014 R1 SP1 $55
Vero AlphaCAM 2013 R1 SP2 $55


Vero Machining Strategist is a powerful 3D CAM product that generates optimum roughing and finishing CNC toolpaths from the complex shapes generated by all major 3D modelling systems.
Machining Strategist is a CAM application software now sold by Vero International Software for the purposes of generating G-codes for 3-axis CNC machines. It specializes in high speed machining.

Vero Machining Strategist 2016 R1 x32+x64 $60
Vero Machining Strategist 15.0.6 x32+x64 $55


Vero SURFCAM is a powerful 3D CAM product that achieves the balance between feature sets and ease of use. With an unrivalled out of the box experience, SURFCAM can help your business become even more productive and profitable.

Vero Surfcam 2015 R2 $55
Vero Surfcam 2014 R2 $45


Vero VISI is acknowledged as one of the world's leading PC based CAD CAM software solutions for the Mould & Die industries. It offers a unique combination of applications, fully integrated wireframe, surface and solid modelling, comprehensive 2D, 3D and 5-axis machining strategies with dedicated high speed routines.

Vero VISI 2016 R1 $55


WorkNC CAM software is the premier automatic CNC software for surface or solid models in mold, die and tooling businesses for 2 to 5-axis CNC programming. WorkNC is used by all western, Japanese and Korean automotive makers and well-known OEMs from a range of other industries.

WorkNC is best of breed, complementary CAM software that enhances all design and manufacturing systems by providing the most reliable, efficient, easy-to-program cutter paths, resulting in unmatched productivity and safety.

Vero WorkNC 24.01A x64 $60
Vero WorkNC 23.02B x32+x64 $55











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